About Us

Racing is our passion.  There’s just no denying it.  The feeling of being out there in the field competing against your peers – there is simply nothing like it.  When we work so hard for that one day, for that one maybe two hours of pain, we want to feel good when we cross that finish line.  We want to be able to go up to that bulletin board, find our name on the results sheet, and see our time and our ranking accurately represented.  We don’t want to wait two hours to see it.  We don’t want to see it, find out it’s wrong, and then have to go have words with the race director to find they are in a scramble trying to figure out what went wrong with timing.

From founder David Gottlieb:

“So, about six years ago I weighed in at a whopping 220 pounds.  I was newly married and enjoying life.  The only thing is, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I found a free couch to 5K program online and followed it to the “T”.  Before I knew it, I was running my first 5K in February of 2006 and my weight was down.  It was then that I became addicted to taking off at the start line and racing.  Through out the years, I continued to lose the weight and began to race more competitively.  I got into triathlon in 2007 and remember competing in my first triathlon in Destin, Florida.  At the gun I hit the start on my watch and took off.  Of course, it being my first multi-sport event, I suffered, but I would be able to look at my time and my splits at the end and figure out where I could improve.  Me being naive to the whole race timing process, I figured “well, my watch says one time.  Clearly the results should match it or at least be within a second or two.”  It didn’t work out that way.  The results were off by a minute and a half.  Why a minute and a half?  Why not a minute or ten seconds?  It made absolutely no sense to me.  When I start a stopwatch and stop it, I have the time that has elapsed since I hit the start button.  How could that vary?  The watch doesn’t lie.  Me being a logical thinker and putting things in their most simplest form to understand them, this made no sense to me what so ever.  Over the years, this scenario continued to occur and I didn’t understand why.

I build software for a living and figured I could put those skills to work to figure out a solution for this, what seemed to me, simple problem.  This is how DG Racing came to be.  I saw a problem and applied my skills in an attempt to solve it and I believe I’ve done exactly that and more.  You won’t believe what we have coming down the pipe in the coming months and years.